Is the next Maple Leafs GM a Moron?

Sorry, couldn’t resist. This is classic though. You have to listen to Edmonton Oiler GM Kevin Lowe ripping into Anaheim GM (and soon to be Leaf GM?) Brian Burke

courtesy of our friends at sportsnet…

If Burke gets the Leaf job who will be the first reporter to ask about this?


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    Great story…

    Incredible how Burke behaved…I gave Lowe credit for taking the high road…but he just dropped down a notch.

    I am curious about Lowe’s comments re: Burke destroying the Canucks and inheriting a great team in Anaheim….Is Burke worth all the fuss?


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    I’m not sold on Burke being the best guy for the Leaf job, for many of the reasons that Lowe stated.

    He has had recent success, but that shouldn’t mask all of the other questionable things that have happened with teams under his tenure.

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    torontosportsmedia13 years ago

    From now on, all references to Burke will be as “The Moron”….