Howard Berger remains off base with Leaf Fans

It is nice to know Howard Berger reads the works of his critics.
It would be nicer if his accounts were more accurate though.
The problem leaf fans have with the media is that the same people always say the same things.
The articles you cite to (all of which were listed here) were all so predictable. That is what is irritating.
The truth remains that there is not one thing Cliff Fletcher could have done without any of these guys bashing him or the club. If he didn’t sign the guys he did, he would get bashed for not spending the money. If he went after older guys he would get bashed for trying the quick fix. Being guilty of overpaying isn’t so bad. One can’t think that was his goal. He paid market prices for the guys he got. Had he not got them he be bashed for that too.

With repsect to Healy, he misses the boat yet again. Howard called Healy to stir the pot. As I said earlier, he went looking for a story. The fact that Healy backed the player is not news; its expected. That Healy may take a swipe at the Leafs isn’t news either. He wanted a position with the club, and didn’t get one. He was a former employee and hasn’t been brought back into the family. Does that makes uncreditable? No. Does it make him a tad baised…perhaps.

What is interesting is that Dan Boyle states that he WAS threatened where McCabe hasn’t said a word and Howard approached Healy about McCabe and no one has asked Healy about Boyle.

Again this is just another blatent attempt to make news.

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