Larry Brooks slams the Maple Leafs Finger signing….again

I guess it’s not bad enough in New York.  The Rangers aren’t providing enough material for his weekly Slapshots article, he too has to take a shot at the buds.  What a surprise…his target is the Finger signing.  This whole thing is getting a little tired.

And the Scott Fraser Award for Least Understandable Free Agent Signing of the Year goes to the Maple Leafs for giving Colorado defenseman Jeff Finger four years at $3.5M per.

Shocker, the Leafs winning that one, all right.

According to mutliple reports, every candidate that the Leafs interviewed for the GM role, the assistant GM role, the coaches role al said the same thing, the team must be blown up.

Every media member in the city said that ture juge of the most current version of the Fletcher regime would be if he was able to avoid temptation, not sign the older free agents in attempt for a quick fix.

He has down that.  Everyone knows the goal for this year isn’t to just make the playoffs.  The goal is to lay a foundation upon which a future can be built.  Success will be, in my opinion not in wins and losses, rather in the team mentailty that did not exist last year.  The team got thoroughly embarassed at home on multiple occasions.  That is what they are hoping to stop.  They would rather loose a lot more games by closer margins, giving 100% effort then repeat the performances of the team for the last 3 years.

In truth Cliff has done what the media said he couldn’t.  I repeat, I have no clue if Finger can play or not.  I trust that they have done their homework on the guy and he can be a suitable number four or five defenceman.  I can guarantee you that media will try to get you on this guy from day one.  They have done this before.  The media has destroyed the careers of so many before him.

The guy is a role player who, got lucky in the shallow free agent year.  Cliff didn’t give him a NTC, he didn’t throw 5 million a year at him.  He didn’t mortgage the future on him….move on.

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