Is Blue Jays General Manager J.P. Riccardi still alive?

All kidding aside folks, where is this guy? The only more elusive leader these days is Dick Chenney. Since J.P. fired his manger, John Gibbons, it appears that J.P., like Elvis has left the building. Until an article tonight in the Globe and Mail, a google search on the GM produces not a single quote since after the dismissal. As a matter of fact the only real things available to read about the guy pertain to Adam Dunn incident.

A recent column in the Toronto Sun by Bob Elliott stated that J.P. Riccardi may not be allowed to trade AJ Burnett due to the powers that be at Rogers wanting to try and sell some tickets.

The article in the Globe also pertains to the potential dealing of AJ Burnett:

“I’ll be honest, right now I don’t know if this means action will pick up on A.J. Burnett,” the Toronto Blue Jays’ general manager said yesterday. “My guess is the next few days will tell the story. We’ll see the level of interest in him, if any. As of right now, we haven’t spoken to anybody.”

“We’re not sitting here thinking we’re going to trade for a specific need — we’re going to trade for the best player available,” Ricciardi said, dismissing the idea he has scouts scurrying to look at minor-league shortstops.”

The current state of this franchise is really hard to believe. We were told last year that the only reason for the poor play was injuries. If anyone would have suggested that come July 7, the team would be in last place in their division and for the most part the entire team would be healthy I think that person would have been checked out at a local psychiatric hospital.

Truth is, here we sit on July 7th and the season is over. Forgot about the distance to first place in the division, the jays are 10 games out of the wildcard race with 6 teams to catch.

The question isn’t so much what to do with AJ Burnett, its what to do with the whole team, from top to bottom. Forget about selling a few tickets this year, who is going to buy seasons tickets for next year? The team has become an unmitigated disaster. The statistics don’t lie, there aren’t too many teams with worse records then the jays when losing after 6 innings or teams who have lost 1 run games.

The horror appears to be that there is no hope and no plan. With the exception of Halladay there is nothing to get excited about and worse nothing to believe in.

Can it get any worse for Jays fans? If ownership and management are apathetic(and that is exactly how they appear right now) how do they expect the fans to act?

All seems very strange to me.

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