Drive home without McCowan and tribute to the guy at Tim Hortons

Good morning from Pearson airport! Some random thoughts as I head off to Boston:

I was driving home last night and figured it’s a new week, McCowan must be back, let’s hear what he has to say. Wrong, he is still off. Got me thinking. When McCowan does leave the airways, both the Fan and the fans are in trouble. Love him or hate him, there is no one (literally) who can pick up the drive home slot. Waters is certainly entertaining, but his I hate the leaf ownership tends to get a tad stale. Waters is unlistenable when the subject changes to anything not hockey related too which is a problem. His new sidekick Brady (from WDFN in Detroit) is a breath of fresh air, but still he is no McCowan.

Perhaps when Bob is ready to move on, Dan Shulman will be ready to start working in Toronto again. Boy do we miss the former Primetime host. Its great to see how well he is doing on ESPN but we certainly could use him here.

So here I am at the airport, its 8am and I am the newstand next to Tim Hortons. I hear the guy next to me order chicken noodle soup! How great is that?

Another thought from the airport. Love the look of the new terminal 1. Can someone explain to me how they build this thing without any accesable power outlets at the gate? No, no one wants to plug in while waiting for a delatyed flight, certainly not the 6 guys at my gate all with laptops open.

Also, I find it a tad ironic that the one type of magazine I actually may buy at the newstand here at the airport, they don’t sell. Every major city has a magazine. Ocean drive, The Washingtonian, Toronto Life come to mind. Wouldn’t it make sense to sell these types of rags at the airport? I mean, we are all going somewhere, and I am pretty sure that there is somesort of magazine about most somewheres.

Later from Beantown

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