Bill Watters to blame for delay in Jonas Frogren’s Maple Leaf announcement

I must admit when I heard the nhl voided the deal my first thoguht was that Wilbur got his fingers stuck in the fax machine again. Thankfully, reality set in and I was reminded that Watters is no more an employee of an NHL team and is now a desk jockey.

I then replayed Jonas’s quote in my head, “oh shit what have I done?”. And was worried that Kypreos, Cox or some other leaf hater got to him.

Truth is he is coming. His super agent is just going to have to live with a little less commission as Frogren can only get an entry level deal to start.

Great news is that Mats can now milk Cliff for more cash as there is more money to spend.

Here’s hoping the bud bashers out there do their homework before putting pudgy finger to keyboard

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