Brunt’s turn to swipe at Leafs

Tonight on Prime Time Sports the usually pretty smart and well versed scribe from the Globe and Mail, Stephen Brunt took a few shots at the Leafs. You can listen to the clip,Brunt on PTS its fairly long and you will have to endure listening to Jim Kelly as host but here is the gist of what he said

He is puzzled by the Ron Wilson Hiring “Absolutely puzzled by that”
The signing of finger is “an interesting way to make your mark on signing free agents this year”
If Joe Nieuwendyk is the next GM to be, isn’t it easier if he is next after Cliff not next to Brian Burke
“None of it adds up to me, I guess that is business as usual for a team that hasn’t won a cup since I was a young lad”

Me thinks the sea water of the eastern coast of Canada is getting to Mr. Brunt.

The Wilson hiring is a good one. He is a coach with a proven record. The knock against him is he can’t or hasn’t won the big one. Guess what, he wasn’t hired to win the big one. He was hired to try and build this mess into a respectable team. To start the process. We will worry about his inability to win the big one when there is a big one to win.

I am not going to comment on jabs on the finger signing anymore. Until the guy plays for us, and we can see him actually play all bets are off. Geez, give it a break.

The Joe Nieuwendyk comment is out of left field. For the first time there appears to be some semblance of hockey department. The reviews on Joe Nieuwendyk are pretty good. Give the guy a chance and lets see what he can do. The media claimed he is the GM in waiting not Cliff nor the Leafs. They have hired a former player, probable future hall of famer to an advisory role. It is no different then the Wings hiring of Yzerman, the PA of Healy etc. etc. etc.

Once again, because they are the Toronto Media, they think if they don’t bash the Toronto teams people won’t read it or listen to it.

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