J.P. Ricciardi may want to go back into hiding

“What I said was we would be silly to not make a move that would make us better for 2009, going forward, as well as this year,” Ricciardi said after last night’s win, denying his pregame comments meant the year was over.” that from this article at globesports

OH J.P…..come one…how dumb do you think we are. You meant exactly what you said. 2008 is history, your manager knows it, your players now it and you know it. Your biggest problem is that now that you and Cito admitted it, who is going to buy a ticket to a game? Why even bother turning it on tv or listening on the radio.

The fact remains that before the all star break, both you and your manager (it was your idea to hire him right?) waived the white flag last night.

Good luck with that.

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