Someone Please Tell MLSE Boss Richard Peddie There Is No I In TEAM

I just said to someone the other day how nice it has been since Cliff arrived to not have to hear Toronto’s greatest hockey mind Richard Peddie give us his 2 cents on the ways of the hockey world. I guess then I tempted fate and caused someone like our good pal Lance Hornby to get some nuggets from old Dickie.

and I swear I am not making this up:

Cliff has made us a younger team and I’m looking forward to meeting (top draft picks) Luke Schenn and Nikolai Kulemin this week at the prospects camp. Sometimes, it’s a sixth-rounder and not a first-rounder that surprises you. But we want to hold on to our young guys.

I really like hiring Ron Wilson and both Cliff and I agreed a while ago that Joe was one of the best (newcomers) anyone could get. I think we have one of the deepest front office teams now.

But of course, it all depends on what happens during this season.

I feel so much better now knowing that Richard is actually going to meet Luke Schenn and Nikolai Kulemin. Is he going to get pictures with each to add to his infamous collection in his office? Or just stick with autograhs?

His quote about being surprised by sixth rounders as opposed to first rounders is the work of sure genius.

I am also happy to hear that he and Cliff decided on Joe Nieuwendyk I mean given his track record of hiring guys……

Clearly from Richard all the way down to Joe, the Leafs are now the deepest front office ( I hope you can sense the sarcasm cause I am laying it on pretty thick!)

As for his last comment, what depends on what happens during this season? Come on Richard, we all know very few are really going to be judged based on what happens this season. Cliff has done what others before him wouldn’t (or couldn’t). If this teams competes hard most nights irrespective of outcome, the team will have improved dramatically.

Do us all a favor, stick to what you are REALLY good at, making your bosses lots of money. Let the sports people do what they do best, worry about the on ice/court product…please.

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