Where J.P. Ricciardi and Cito Gaston trying to release some pressure form the Blue Jays

One has to wonder. There is no possible way that J.P. Ricciardi can really think anyone believes him when he says he was misunderstood in his quotes the other night. His comments were clear. Every publication had them the exact same way. Both he and Cito Gaston were already looking ahead to 2009.

How did the team respond? By putting up 2 big wins to complete a sweep of the Baltimore Orioles. Hmmmmm. Am I crazy that perhaps this was Cito’s way of trying to divert some pressure from the clubhouse? (note, why is it a locker room in hockey and football and a clubhouse in baseball?) Cito has always been a player’s manager, and what if, he sensed that perhaps one of the things plaguing the Blue Jays was stress? I am not one to argue this is a valid excuse. Professional athletes are paid too much money to not perform under the microscope. Having said that I am not going to put it passed Cito to try and release some of the pressure from the players and see what happens.

Interesting to see if the team goes on another tear without Vernon Wells in the lineup. It was also interesting to hear the folks on Primetime sports start to talk about trading Roy Halladay should the slide continue.

Lets see what happens over the next couple of days. If nothing else the mood in the locker room, I mean clubhouse seems to have changed a little for the better.

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