What do Jonas Frogren, Mats Sundin, The Dark Knight, The Blue Jays and Apple 3G IPhone have in common?

All are part of this random post on a relatively quiet Friday afternoon!

Is anyone else as sick as I am off all the attention to the IPhone? IT’s a phone people! Anyone who stood in line for more then 20 minutes to buy one has absolutely no respect for the value of their own time. Free Leaf hat to the person who leaves as a comment the correct answer to the question, which professional athlete will be seen with their new IPhone first

When I drove into work this am, I was unable to pull into the garage because this was blocking the road:

Pretty cool to see the car from the Dark Knight, really looking forward to seeing the flick next week.
you can see more photos from Richmond and John here

With summer moving right along and Mats Sundin still off fishing, the question of the days is:

What will the common theme from the media be should he not come back and go to another team?

It says here that the media will spin this as negatively on the franchise as possible, blaming the leafs for chasing him away.

I have been getting a ton of emails about Jonas Frogren Jerseys. No Joke. I am taking orders for Jonas Frogren jerseys. I have a supplier who will get us a great deal if we place a large order. If interested email or leave a comment and I will give you the details. Once we have enough orders I will put up the price and a link to an order page.

Go Jays Go, beat the Yanks this weekend.

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