Howard Berger’s blog, all that is wrong with the negative scribes in Toronto

For a guy who earns a dime off of reporting on the Buds Berger certainly doesn’t mind biting the hand that feeds him.  That is somewhat surprising.  A long time leaf fan himself, he is clearly conflicted as to what to do.  If he root, root, roots for the home team ( as I am sure he would like to do so) he will be labeled a homer and even worse, he will be left behind by the others he so wishes to compare to, Cox, Simmon and Mccowan.
The shocker to me is that the guy hasn’t figured out how to be balanced.  No one wants to hear rah rah all the time.  The flip is also true.  Cox’s constant negativity coupled with McCowan’s made the pair unlistenable.   So far, in all that Howard writes he has yet to demonstrate how to do it.

His latest blog is a prime example of what plagues the toronto sports media in general:

“As we speak, though, he is the subject of intense scrutiny and analysis on numerous hockey Internet sites. Rabid debating of the Hollweg deal will continue for days. It’s the kind of ravenous overkill that Leafs Nation is known for.”

Um Howard, if there wasn’t this “ravenous overkill” you wouldn’t have a job.  Why do you constantly beat up on the Leaf nation.  If people didn’t listen, watch or care you would be working at the grocery store you site to in your story!

“There has long been a feeling among the most passionate supporters of the Maple Leafs that the hockey media in Toronto somehow affects performance. It’s a classic, popular method for disappointed fans to divert frustration from the source – in this case, an entertainment/sports monolith that is characteristically incompetent.”

Howard, you can’t be this naive.  on multiple occasions the media has run both players and management out of this city.  People are, for the most part sheep.  They believe what they are told.  If you, the media keep bashing a guy, the ravenous public will start to listen, you create enough of a fervor and the team is bound to act.

That however is not why people blame the media in this city.  The blame is for the car crash mentality that folks like Howard seem to think they need to live by.  No matter what a Toronto team does, the daily scribes seem to think that they are no longer reporters but rather critics.  Not every single thing that every Toronto team does is wrong.  For someone reason a strong collection of the daily crew seem to think that is their role; that is what sickens people, that is why people react and treat the media the way they do.    People listen to the likes of McCowan, read Cox and Simmons because it gets them upset.  Why do you think so many democrats listen to Rush Limbaugh?

Howard, if you tried to be a little more balanced and stopped biting the hands that feed you, perhaps the quantity of hate mail would start to decrease

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