Does J.P. Ricciardi No Longer Have Control Over the Blue Jays

Hats off to The Star’s Richard Griffin. His weekly email blog is terrific. Its too bad his columns aren’t as good as his internet stuff. I guess that is why newspapers aren’t selling as well these days….
Very interesting points from Griffin this week including:

“I don’t believe he (J.P.) can call any major shot without a close look from the powers that be at the Rogers campus.”

“Why do they need to dismantle this Jays team when the fact is this is not a team that has exceeded salary capability and needs to dump money commitments? Other than Burnett or Eckstein, the best Jays deals can be made in the off-season, whether it is for Lyle Overbay, Rios, B.J. Ryan, or whomever.”

“After speaking with Roy Halladay at the all-star press conference, I’m beginning to think that A.J. is going to stay put with the Jays unless another club offers someone that can help the Jays this year – which is not likely. Ricciardi has an unwritten commitment to his ace, Halladay, not to give up and to continue to try and win this year and beyond, at least through 2010, the length of Doc’s contract and J.P.’s.”

“Ricciardi criticized John Lott of the National Post for directly recording “Wednesdays with J.P.” or whatever the hell that self-serving paid show is called. J.P. claimed that Lott should have called him for comment before writing about his Adam Dunn comments? Why? So J.P. could claim he misquoted himself or that Lott took himself out of context?”

“Whenever the Jays find a player with any amount of baseball ability who actually likes Toronto, the Jays organization has always had enough of an inferiority complex to believe “Hey we’d better lock this dude up before he changes his mind.”

As you can see, lots of gems here. The fact that Ricciardi no longer has final say must be killing an ego maniac control freak like him. You can tell from every interview he gives that he thinks he is smarter then everyone else and the fact that the “suits” above him are in control must be driving him nuts.

Also interesting to see that Griffin isn’t necessarily bashing all of JP’s moves, saying that he is pretty much getting what he paid for and that there is no sense having the proverbial firesale that other “experts” are calling for.

Unless the team absolutely tanks over the next two weeks, why would they trade Burnett now. Every single team who would want him knows what they are getting; a guy who, when he is on, is unhittable. That is not going to change because he was a stud in his last outing or a dud in his next outing. The unwritten agreement with Roy Halladay is interesting, but not surprising.

The story about J.P. bashing the National Post writer in nuts. Its hard to believe that someone has not insisted that J.P. get some media training. He is clearly lacking in this department. For someone as smart as he thinks he is, he certainly comes off poorly.

The last point about signing every guy who seems to like it in Toronto is a bit of a jab. I seem to recall Griffin applauding most of the deals J.P. has signed. To now knock them is unfair. They have a pretty good nucleus of younger players. The problem is (as Griffin writes in his blog) that their big bats are completely absent. If this team had a DH and an outfielder who could hit for power they would be ok and a lot closer in the standings.

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