NHL Governor Bashing Toronto

These are funny times in the NHL. Lets get this straight, just for the record:

The NHL approved a minority owner in Nashville named Boots Del Biaggo.
Del Biaggo has since filed for bankruptcy
Since that time we have learned that 2 different owners funded Del Biaggo’s purchase
Allegations are now that Bettman may have waived part of the due dilligence process to let Del Biaggo in to the NHL club.

Ironically, the media seems to be interested in the fact that the NHL has once again let someone into the club who is not what they have appeared to be (the most recent incident involved the previous owner of the NY Islanders).

It says here, what is more concerning is that 2 guys who already owned teams lent Del Biaggo cash to pay for his piece of the Predators. Wholly conflict of interest Batman! The actions by these two owners is much more offside then the actions by Mr. Del Biaggo. Not only that but the two owners are Bettman’s right hand men, both sitting on his executive team. This is what the press should be making the noise about.

Of course I digress. The news tonight is that this is a non story; In fact it is only a story here in Toronto:

“Only in Toronto would this story make headlines and go on and on,” one governor said. “Maybe the league didn’t scrutinize Del Biaggio like others and maybe it did. The thing is this guy was a minority owner with the San Jose Sharks for some time and nobody complained about him.”

“I know the doomsday people in Toronto like to point out the fact that under his watch they lost franchises in Quebec City and Winnipeg. The truth is, though, that when the owners of these two teams put their franchises up for sale, no Canadian owners stepped up, and even the great Montreal Canadiens were purchased by an American owner.”

WOW- I could write a book on these two comments.

One the first point, yes only in Toronto would this be a story (except in Nashville where it is front page news, a place Hockey NEVER is during the regular season). Again, the story should be that 2 owners have been caught in a huge conflict of interest. Instead the press here is desperate to bring down the administration.

As for the unnamed Governor. Here is an idea, grow up and speak on the record!

On the second point, I just don’t get why anyone would be bashing the city where hockey is the number one sport, the proverbial center of the hockey news universe. Again, if you are going to make those comments, do so on the record.

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