Cliff Fletcher Gave Niklas Hagman a NMC!!!!

In looking around the internet this morning, I stumbled upon a fact that I had not seen anywhere else. Cliff Fletcher, in signing Niklas Hagman, gave him a limited 1 year No Movement Clause.

I can’t believe this. As I have argued time and time again, A NMC should be given out in VERY limited instances and this is definately not one of them!

I have defended a ton of Cliff’s deals on the basis that he didn’t give out any NM/NT clauses and here it is buried on the net!

In yesterday’s Toronto Sun, Fletcher was quoted as saying:

“We may be taking a step back to take three steps forward,” Leafs general manager Cliff Fletcher said bluntly, moments after helping launch a surprise ticket giveaway for a Leafs pre-season contest in September.

“Hopefully, we’ll grow as a team, but we’re going to have so many new members on the team when we drop that puck in Detroit on opening night.
“It will be the start of a process. Hopefully, it will go quicker rather than slower when it happens.”

I actually thought he was bang on for saying it. Now I am not so sure. The only reason the signings of the guys he signed made any sense was if they weren’t albatrosses and unmovable. If Hagman is having a great season and we could get assets for him at the deadline why wouldn’t we?

Didn’t Cliff learn how much of a pain in the a$$ these are when you try to make moves…did he not learn anything?

I know it is one guy, and that we shouldn’t go overboard on 1 guy, but its the whole mentality that I thought Cliff was going to change.

Makes no sense at all…

just found it confirmed on a tsn post too…. you can see it here:

so pathetic…

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