Mats Sundin, the ongoing enigma

Lots to chew on from #13 this am eh?

Mats has “broken his silence” to a Swedish newspaper (we think) I guess Damien, Lance or Steve were all too busy at Woodbine….

here are quotes as reported by TSN:

“I will make a decision in the end of July or beginning of August,” Sundin told the newspaper. “If I am going to play it’s for the full season and I want to be there from the beginning of August.”

“The Maple Leafs are not out of the picture if I decide to play,” he told Aftonbladet. “They made me a very good offer, even if it isn’t even close to what the Canucks have offered. But I have been in Toronto for 13 seasons and it is like home to me. Nothing is out of the picture. I got a very good offer from them as well as one from Montreal. But Vancouver’s contract was in a class by itself if you look only at the money.”

“Yes, I know that I have probably screwed a bunch of teams by not making a decision, but hey that is life.”

Sorry, couldn’t help myself with the last one. Seriously though, we aren’t exactly sure which teams for sure he has told keep their respective lines in the water cause he may want to play with them. There are at least 3 that we know of for sure, Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. All three have acted in accordance to what they have been told and what they are to believe is their likely status in the Sundin saga (I refuse to call them sweepstakes). Assuming he comes back, he will only sign with one team, thus leaving at least 2 in the lurk. Mats isn’t going to play for chicken feed so, all the teams have set aside Sundin Bucks. Those Sundin Bucks could have been spent in other ways had Big Mats just made up his mind already. By the way a Sundin Buck is worth 2x the value of a Schrute Buck.

Oh well, sounds like the archipelago is balmy this time of year….

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