Bleacher Report Bash of Buds Baseless

Just when I thought there would be nothing to write about today this gem came across my screen:

Toronto Maple Leafs: Who is to Blame for This Season?

Huh? What? I suddenly felt like Fred Flintstone where Fred sleeps his life away while napping at the Slate annual picnic. Blame for the season? A game hasn’t even been played.

While everyone is entitled to an opinion, it is this type of nonsense that makes being a leaf fan painful:

“With Cliff Fletcher making long term decisions, it would seem he is anything but a stopgap GM. The funny thing about it is that he had a ‘free season’ to play with until he flip-flopped between rebuilding and trading draft picks away.”

Come on buddy, give me a break. All the guys with the exception of Myers are young. None of them are head scratching acquisitions. Wait, wait, wait, I know the Finger thing….the signing itself isn’t surprising the amount of the contract is. Ok. the salary notwithstanding, it isn’t a signing that says “HEY, I thought we were rebuilding” He signed fringe, character players. None of the players who were acquired were done with an eye to winning now. Cliff can be blamed for a lot of things, but not flip flopping. With regards to the Finger contract, we have to ice a team this year and we all will demand that they spend up to the CAP unless they are going to cut prices (which they arent’ going to do).

The funny thing about this article is that he argues against himself:

“The Leafs need a plan, and someone needs to tell Cliff. While he is chopping players off the roster faster then last year’s team could lose games, he is also adding lesser players who are marginal at best.”

That’s exactly right, they may be marginal at best, with the exception of one, 1 yr no movement clause, none of the players have them, none are long term and none are BIG BIG bucks (hello Jason Blake). The goal isn’t to win now, the idea is to try and rebuild, to create a foundation upon which you can build.

“The Leafs need to play the crap out of their young players and do anything they can to acquire draft picks. Forget the Won/Loss totals, just think DEVELOPMENT this season and with a little luck they may land a top three pick next June.”

Hmmm lets, see, the team is younger and by his own admission filled with marginal players, how does this suggest they aren’t doing that? You can’t dress the marlies every night. While we, the fans will accept a building year, they can’t spend the league minimum, they just can’t. You can’t charge the prices they do and not spend the $. So Cliff has gone out, gotten rid of some vets, cleaned up the dressing room and is starting to build. This isn’t a 1 step process.

I am not saying he has made all the right moves, but man, lets see what happens first.

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