Swedes Think Mats Sundin Should Play For the Maple Leafs

Hardly scientific, not even sure its relevance, but a Swedish newspaper this week ran a poll (who doesn’t love a poll right?)

The question was, what should Mats Sundin do:

a. play for the maple leafs
b sign with the rangers
c. retire
d. other
e. play for Montreal

The results are in, if only we had a dry erase board to show them. Anyways, according to the poll, of which 32,000 people responded… a whopping 37% think Mats should sign with the Buds, 27% think he should play with the Rangers, 19% think he should hang em up, 11% think he should other, what ever the hell that means and 6% want him to sign with the Habs.

Could be worse then being a leaf I guess. Sorry Vancouver, your 20m offer isn’t enough to get you anything more then an “other”

Gotta love how the folks at the national post spin the results into this gem:

It seems Swedish hockey fans think Mats Sundin should play with the Toronto Maple Leafs, or not play at all. More than half of the nearly 32,000 respondents to a poll this week on the Web site of Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet chose one of those two responses.

I mean, why didn’t they say, 63% of those responding think he should do something other then play for the Maple Leafs? A little starved for a story aren’t we?

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