NHLPA Boss Kelly thinks NHL should look to Canada

Hard to disagree with the Paul Kelly (no relation to our pally at Sportsnet/Fan) on this one:

“I mean the Canadian fans are like no others,” he continued. “They’re passionate, they come out and support it, they buy the merchandise, and they’re knowledgeable about the sport. And it seems to us a no-brainer that if you’re going to expand or you’re going to relocate, that you first and foremost have to consider some of the major hubs here in Canada.”

Can this guy switch teams and run the league? PLEASE!!!!

The more interesting part of the story, which you can find here is when he lays in this little gem, grenade :

“You know, Winnipeg, Hamilton, Quebec City, perhaps Halifax if they had an arena that could sustain an NHL team. But I think there are locations in Canada that would strongly support the NHL game.”

Sitting in downtown Toronto, I can feel the tremors from the ACC all the way to NHL head office…

Kelly is smart, there is no question about that. I can promise you that the Hamilton comment didn’t just slip out of him mouth. This was an intentional inclusion; you can bet on it.

A discussion for another day, but I for one would love to see another team in the GTA area (read Hamilton). I think that would be fantastic. Hey, LA has 2 teams, the NY area has 3 why can’t we have 2???

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