Larry Brooks could have been writing about the Maple Leafs

Its funny how teams go, and how reporters write about them. Never one to say a nice thing about anyone, nor suggest the positive about anything, it was an interesting to say the least to read what Lary had to say about the Islanders coaching vacancy today. It was interesting in that it was Brooks writing it, and clearly he must have taken his happy pill when he wrote it as the grump didn’t bark at anyone, and even more so in that the article could have been written about our beloved Maple Leafs.

“This is the time for the Islanders to go young behind the bench just as they’re committed to going young on the ice. This is the time for CEO Charles Wang and GM Garth Snow to not only accept, but to embrace the proposition that bottoming out into a favorable Entry Draft lottery position is the most beneficial course for the franchise.”

Would that paragraph have surprised you if you replaced the words Islanders, Charles Wang and Garth Snow to Maple Leafs, Richard Peddie and Cliff Fletcher?

There’s more…

” Winning and developing players are not mutually exclusive propositions in sports. Teams can have their champagne and drink it, too. But these Islanders will not be well served by continuing on their treadmill to a spot between 16th and 20th overall.”

“There’s no upside whatsoever in being stuck in the middle, and anyone who believes a veteran coach will be able to squeeze more out of his personnel than Nolan did the last two years must also believe that, a) Wang is uninvolved in matters traditionally left to the people in the hockey department and, b) goaltender-for-life Rick DiPietro Rick DiPietro wasn’t involved in the decision to change coaches.”

What’s interesting to me is that it is so easy for the media to make these suggestions. It’s even easier for the Brooks’s of the world to bash teams for not listening to their sound advice. Who would want to bet that if the islanders brought in one of these guys as the first to be interviewed Brooks wouldn’t be writing that the Islanders are intentionally tanking to finish dead last?

The problem with these types of stories is that you know the intent with which they are written. Shame on the Islanders for not going a certain route. its no different then the coverage the leafs get from the usual suspects. You can’t ever win. They criticize the teams for “the same old same old” when the truth is their columns are no different.

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