Maple Leaf beat reporter Howard Berger contradicts himself…yet again

Wow, Gagan, that’s an impressive rant. There has long been a feeling among the most passionate supporters of the Maple Leafs that the hockey media in Toronto somehow affects performance. It’s a classic, popular method for disappointed fans to divert frustration from the source – in this case, an entertainment/sports monolith that is characteristically incompetent. You have no power to influence the people that actually make decisions about the Leafs, for you continue to not only accept a bad team, but to thoroughly embrace it in ways that gorge the bottom line. Every jersey you buy; every ticket that is printed; every time you turn on the TV to watch the Leafs play, is another endorsement of the product – no matter how inept it is, or to what degree it torments you. This routine acquiescence allows the money moguls at MLSE to laugh, uproariously, all the way to the bank.

Berger’s blog, July 14th, 2008

Fast forward all of 13 days:

“Rather than producing an entirely new design – as many NHL clubs have done – the Leafs’ alternate jersey will be identical to the one the players have worn, on and off, since 1998: A replica of the club’s white road uniform from the mid-1960s, with the 35-point, blue maple leaf logo on the front; blue shoulder piping, and two blue lines on the arms and near the bottom of the jersey. A thick blue stripe encircles the tip of the sleeve. The neck has the lace-up feature prominent in the 1960s and early-’70s.”

“Wouldn’t it have been more prudent for MLSE to design a replica of the blue 1960s jersey – the one the Leafs wore at home? At least it would have provided consumers with something fresh, rather than a reprise of the garment that‘s been available for the past decade.”

Berger’s blog, today July 27 2008.

An old boss of mine used to say that “you can’t suck and blow at the same time”. It’s too bad Howie isn’t aware of that old classic. Does the guy not read his own stuff? OR, does he not think anyone is dumb enough to remember it? I mean, I am dumb enough to keep reading it, I am, guilty as charged. This is brutal though Howie. You bash people for buying jerseys. Then you suggest the team change jerseys to buy more of it? What the hell? If they made another jersey, you know the first thing out of Howie’s mouth would have been, “well with the new jersey there is no question the teacher’s pockets will be well lined this Christmas season…ha ha ha”

I will say it again. You can bash MLSE for lots of things. Be fair, be balanced and objective, its all we ask.

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