Who Pissed off Mats Sundin?

Face of a guy looking to make a decision?Face of a guy looking to make a decision?

Yikes, doesn’t look to happy here.  Has Berger or Simmons found him in the Alps.  Or perhaps he is pissed at having a “soft deadline”

Please someone tell what the hell a “soft deadline” is?


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    He’s planning a wedding. Given that, he looks remarkably chipper.

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    lol, well played DGB…

    and a soft deadline is not really a deadline at all. it’s just to keep us mother fuckers off his back.

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    koopa kid 12 years ago

    Jokes aside, the ‘soft’ deadline for Sundin is to determine whether or not he’ll be playing at all so when he does pick a team he’ll be in shape to go to camp. When he picks a team hasn’t been decided yet, but he will be announcing whether or not he’s retiring on Friday.