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Hell freezes over…oh and Mrs TSM gets a ticket

Walking to the car to reload the parking meter and 2 things occured: 1. I read Eklunds post this am about Sundin, and I think he is bang on. While [...]

happy bryan McCabe day

Happy sunday to all you TSM fans. The car is packed, aunt Edna is dead in the back, starbucks in hand and we are off to Wallyworld (in this case grea [...]

Welcome back Jeff Blair…Adios Lance

Sorry, no links, I am on the blackberry this afternoon, watching the kids swim. Jeff Blair is back from China (by the looks of his most recent post.. [...]

Berger on MLSE- I don’t buy it

Reading along in the totally predictable Berger Blog on the Fan590 website this am, trying to stay awake when i read this: "Cliff Fletcher -- as prom [...]

senators trade Andrej Meszaros to the bolts

OTT gets Filip Kuba, Alex Picard, 1st round pick from TAM for Andrej Meszaros. [...]

Barry and Nieuendyk on Sundin

Once again the mid day show impresses. Barry was on with Armstrong and MacLean and said the exact same thing that was in the earlier post. Sundin do [...]

Could our sport be getting some Republican Love?

I know, sports and politics don't mix...BUT With US Senator John McCain about to name his running mate in his battle for the White House, word this a [...]

Stairs on way to city of brotherly love

Desperate times in Philly??? Or does Pat Gillick know something we don't? Fox sports is reporting that the Phillies have traded a prospect for Matt S [...]

J.P. Barry holding out for a commission?

The more I read from the agent, the more I am convinced that Mats has made up his mind. Rather the issue is that his agent won't let him announce it. [...]

Hanky’s World Goes Down

Oh Oh- Did Hanky get an enema? Did the Swiss authorities find him out? Or was the law firm where the site is registered get raided? Whooooooooooooo [...]
Hanky’s Sweedish Source Unearthered

Hanky’s Sweedish Source Unearthered

Ok Fans..... I must admit, the latest post on dabuzz threw me for a loop. I gotta tell you that it was without question the worst errr I mean best p [...]
Brady Calling Out Hanky

Brady Calling Out Hanky

Brady on the leaf lunch on 640 is clearly a fan of TSM- he is calling Eklund a "complete fraud"! Brady claims to know people who worked for Hanky who [...]

Handlers trying to talk Sundin out of "retiring"~Islanders a dark horse?

Summer must really be almost over, all the hockey talking heads are coming back from vacation. Darren Dreger weighed in on the Sundin matter this eve [...]

Joe Bowen on Sundin- Pulled?

Love him or hate him, here is a guy who probably knows the players and the team better then anyone around. So when Joe Bowen throws in an opinion I a [...]

Sakic is Back~ with a NTC

Update: Email from Adrian Dater at the Denver Post- Sakic deal does have a NTC! ********************************************************************* [...]


"fraud.." So despite posting more bullshit about Sundin ("imminent", "things are definitely moving!") the status quo remains. As I have said before [...]

Candid conversation with Cliff

More good news from the Leafs brass. The one thing we all want is the truth. Following that is a plan. Lastly is the stomach to follow a plan.... [...]

Very Candid Ron Wilson on The Gameplan

Amazing interview with new Leaf coach Ron Wilson on the new mid-day show on the Fan just now. Wilson was asked why come to Toronto given all that is [...]

Joe Sakic calls a press conference …Mats are you listening

So Sakic has called a press conference to announce his intentions for next year. Mats????? Are you listening???? Time is ticking... "According to a [...]

LPGA instituting language requirement, others 2 follow?

Interesting story across the news wires this hour that the LPGA (that's ladies golf gents) is going to be making proficiency in English a requirement [...]
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