Some random summer musings

Quite days of August indeed. As I said to a colleague yesterday, I have not watched 5 minutes of non -sports tv this summer. From an entertainment perspective, man has it been slow. I have seen some good movies, Dark Knight, Wanted, Iron Man, Get Smart, Wall-E and perhaps the worst of all time, the latest Indiana Jones flick (literally the worst I have ever seen). There hasn’t been one decent tv show to watch (either new or in repeat). I think its time to hibernate for the summer! Amazingly I read last night that the summer slate of movie for 09 is going to be much leaner then this year. Hard to imagine that those with minds much smarter then mine can’t figure out a way to capture the completely vacant summer session…. But for end to pretty decent weather, I am ready for September to come around, and I don’t think I have ever said that before in my life….

Having said that, a few tidbits around the dials today that caught my eye and an ear:

Interesting, just as Prime Times Sports legal annalist Rob Becker was laying into Jim Kelly for perhaps the most insane comment about communism and the Olympics, the FAN590 went dead. Fess up TSM fans, was it one of you who pulled the plug? I wish i could have heard Becker unleash on Kelly.

Do you all remember Marty York? Used to write for the Globe. The guy was the Eklund of yesterday. He would print anything to catch a scoop. He now writes for the free Toronto daily, the Metro.. its never very serious and in almost every article you can catch a laugh…. here is today’s:

“Rogers Sportsnet’s and CBC’s Rance Mulliniks on ex-superstar Carl Yastrzemski: “He literally carried the Boston Red Sox on his back in 1967.”

Literally? Man, they must have been heavy.

When will the networks pull the plug on Mulliniks? “

Wow, a shot against do your dance Rance. Man I miss Rance at 3rd base. Truth be told, Jays games haven’t been the same without Tom Cheek. I really miss listening to him on the radio. On the TV side, it is almost irrelvant to me. I miss Fergie Oliver and “How bout them Blue Jays!”

I think I may be the only person to read the Post series of papers in Toronto, you know the ones you get on your doorstep or find in the boxes on the street. Anyway, in their August edition, they discuss the remaking of Rogers (not sure why, but anyway)… get this gem:

“Insult to Injury-Jays
Ken Becker, former Toronto Sun, Baseball columnist
It was very nice of Rogers to buy the Jays, but he set up the management structure terribly. The team in languished in mediocrity. And Rogers Sportsnet has the worst announcers. Jamie Campbell knows nothing about baseball himself, other than being a fan. If Ted Rogers is such a good business man, he should know enough to put the right people in place.:

Wow- where to start with that. I don’t recall ever reading Becker’s work. The name doesn’t ring a bell to me. I am really surprised that more main street media aren’t bashing the hell out of TED for the Jays. The team has not been the least bit successful during his tenure as owner, in fact his tenure could be more accurately described as a failure. It’s hard to believe that a franchise with one owner is unable to right the ship. There is no backroom bickering, there is one guy who certainly appears to want to wi at everything. Question is then, does he really care about the Jays, or is he as appethetic as their fans?

With respect to Campbell, in my opinion he is irrelevant fluff.”

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