J.P. Ricciardi needs media training immediately

J.P. was on his weekly call in radio show last night with Mike Wilner and he let this beauty escape his lips:

“we are 7.5 back, we are playing our best baseball, who knows come September we could be 5 games back. I don’t understand why people’s glasses are half empty so quickly.”

Ummmm, J.P., the people you should call fans, the ones you clearly think are idiots, have memories and brains. Before you shoot from the lip, check your brain, for there you may find a few nuggets:

One month ago tomorrow on July 8th both you and “your” manager said to the press the following…

“We’re still going to play hard and see what happens,” Gaston said earlier Tuesday before the Jays took to the field for the first of a three-game series against the Baltimore Orioles at Rogers Centre.
Cito Gaston observes his team during the three-game sweep in Seattle.

“There’s a lot of teams to get over the top here,” Gaston continued. “We’re certainly not going to quit. But if you look at our scheduling the rest of the way, it’s a pretty tough schedule.”

JP adds:

“My job is to have expectations,” he said. “And our expectations are that this team is not as bad as it’s played and hopefully will play a little better.

“Now, does that mean we’re going to be a playoff team? No, chances are probably not good that way. But that doesn’t mean we can’t hold out hope that we can play better.”

So why are people not optimistic? Because you told us not to be! Since when is being 5 games from 2nd place the goal of this team (or any team for that matter?) Look at the facts J.P., your hand chosen catcher Greg Zaun is so bad, the manager won’t play him. You threw away Reed Johnson for Shannon Stewart, we all know how that worked out, you handed over Troy Glaus and got Scott Rolen back, ummm, hello??? How did that one work out for you? You gave up the DH you never should have signed in Frank Thomas and replaced him with what exactly? You picked up a shortstop who your manager won’t play. Your best player right now is a rookie who the manager you shouldn’t have had to fire couldn’t get to play. Having said all of that, you want to know why people are pessimistic.

Listen, like Kevin Costner’s Crash Davis said in Bull Durham, “This game isn’t hard”…..J.P. don’t open your mouth unless you have some substance to put behind it. Despite the fact that you think you are smarter then everyone here’s the latest from Ted Baxter…your not. Your career in Toronto has been a disaster. Your best move has been to hire a manager that you didn’t want to hire. That is the legacy you will leave. I don’t know about you, but I want a GM in place who shoots to finish first and isn’t excited by being 5 games out of 2nd place come September 1.

Also, side note to John Macdonald, when you are hitting under .200 you are a liability with a bat in your hand. Having said that, your glove is so good, and your catcher and outfield are able to carry you. Don’t insult us and embarrass yourself by saying your bat isn’t a liability, it is.

It aint pretty but we have started a fourm, check it out here:


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