Crazy eights and a medal for Mike Wilner

A hearty good morning to all, happy Olympic opening ceremony day, a day where Torontonians are left thinking what could have been. From my perspective, thank god we didn’t get the games. But I digress…

On this 8th day, of the 8th month of the year 2008 I present my favorite athletes who wore number 8 for our beloved teams:


Mike Allison,
Ken Baumgartner
Aki Berg
Rich Costello
Tie Domi
Jim Dorey
Ron Ellis
Chris Govedaris
Bob McGill
Sean McKenna
Gary Nylund
Walt Poddubny
Rob Ramage
Rocky Saganuk (he wore 7 and 8)
Todd Warriner
Gary Yaremchuk
Eric Lindros of course was 88

Blue Jays:
Alan Ashby
Ken Macha
Alex Gonzalez
Russ Adams

#88 Paul Masotti

Jose Calderon
Jermaine Jackson


So I was at the Blue Jays game last night. I had a great time. On the drive home i tuned into Jays talk with Mike Wilner. Say what you want about him, like him or hate him, the guy deserves a medal. I was so amazed with just how pathetic the calls were I actually called in and asked the screener how long people sit on hold to get on the air. I was told no less then 20 minutes, some folks wait more then 45 minutes!

The calls were so pathetic. One idiot called to ask why Billy Beane, the Oakland GM doesn’t get fired for trading away expensive stars for high level prospects. The second call asked why JP doesn’t trade Jason Fraser for a guy who can hit 20 home runs and the third rumbled on about JP and Paul Godfrey and the extension of Cito Gaston’s contract. I gotta tell you, you can imagine that Wilner would rather be having root canal then listening to these morons. Man oh man. Folks if you stay on hold for 20 minutes or longer, as Steve Martin says in Planes, Trains and Automobiles,” HAVE A POINT, IT MAKES IT SO MUCH MORE INTERESTING FOR THE LISTENER….didn’t you get the point when i was reading the vomit bag???”

happy crazy 8 day

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