Movement from the McCabe camp

Well, it was only a matter of time, but word is out tonight that Bryan McCabe is providing the buds with a list of teams he would be willing to go to. Of course the PA has gotten involved and threatened all kinds of action in the event there was any coersion on the part of the.

McCabe’s agent, little Goodenow (Ian Pulver) is of course saying there is a chance that McCabe could be back with the TML.

Lets hope cooler heads prevail in this matter. Lets also hope that it wasn’t Cliff opening his trap and letting the cat out of the bag that this was happening which will in turn blow the whole thing.

Unlike how has said Cliff has blown this, Cliff appears to be doing it right:

“That’s controlled by Bryan,” Fletcher said. “I’m not going to start talking to teams until he tells me what teams he is willing to go to.”

Here is the quote from the pa too:

“We will certainly not sit idly by if the Maple Leafs take a position which is unreasonable and unfair to Bryan McCabe,” NHLPA executive director Paul Kelly said on Frirday. “In our view, telling him not to show up and stay home, we would view that as utterly unreasonable …. we would undoubtedly file a grievance and pursue that one aggressively on behalf of Bryan.”

The really good news is that Cliff is realistic on the return:

“Fletcher does not expect to get much value back in return for a defenceman who scored five goals and 23 points in 54 games last season.

“With him dictating where he wants to go, probably not much,” said Fletcher. “We will probably have to take back a matching contract and some players in the deal.”

you can read the whole article here

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