Snidley Whiplash on Brian Burke

Oh how I miss my youth. Waking up on Saturday mornings to watch the classic cartoons, and of course reading the Sunday Sun. What did these two have in common, both the Sun and the cartoon featured the same character Snidley Whiplash.

Snidley Whiplash
Snidley Whiplash
Snidley Whiplash
Snidley Whiplash

The second photo he looks a little peakish, and some of you may remember him as Al Strachan, arguably the WORST Toronto sports writer of all time. The guy is a complete zero. He was the first of the leaf bashers thus inspiring Cox and Simmons et all.

Anyway, big Al hasn’t been seen in a little while, he sometimes appears on HNIC, when say no other human being is willing to appear, but low and behold, he is still writing for

In his most recent article he makes some pretty good points about the track record of Brian Burke and his candidacy as GM of the Leafs. Snidley, can’t help himself in bashing the buds nor us his fans:

“In Toronto, Maple Leafs’ fans are waiting with fevered anticipation for the arrival of this savior, eager to throw palm fronds in his path when he arrives — as he has said he would — to lead their team to glory after 40 years of wandering in the wilderness. (Sorry about the mixed Biblical metaphors, but when dealing with Burke, no lesser literary work would suffice.)”

That just isn’t true. It is not Maple Leafs who keep singing his praise or predicting his arrival, it’s your media breathern Snidely. Bill Watters guaranteed it (will happen before training camp eh willy?), Howie keeps reminding us that he is the first to prognosticate about it. Leaf fans aren’t the guilty ones her ahole, it’s you and your elk. Truth be told you have never been a reputable scribe, nothing you ever wrote came to fruition (ok maybe not nothing, but you get the point) Remember the scene in Tommy boy when the guy at the parts place goes nuts on David Spade ” your a miserable little prick and I don’t like you.”

“There are many more examples, but Burke’s acolytes are convinced of his superiority and any contrary examples tend to fall on deaf ears. As Edmonton’s Kevin Lowe said of Burke, “He’s like the Wizard of Oz. You pull the curtains away and there’s not much substance.”

He’ll be perfect for the Leafs.”

No there you go again Al. Just because you got gonged by the Sun, and no other paper in the city would hire you, why the hate for Toronto? Do us all a favor and go back into hiding, you were never missed.

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