Which is more boring Berger or Sundin

Seriously, I am not sure which is getting less interesting, the whole Sundin affair, or Howard Berger’s blogs.

It’s seems more and more apparent that the Howard is trying to be a shockjock, rather just being a jock sniffer. It is clear that he is writing things for the sheer reason of getting people jazzed up because there is no way in hell not even this moron could think what he has been writing:

“Though the situation involving the Maple Leafs and Bryan McCabe is being closely monitored by the NHL Players’ Association, the hockey club is once again in a position where it has virtually nothing to lose.”

ummmm, when was it ever in position when it could lose something?

“Therefore, when all is said and done, the only risk the Leafs may confront is a further loss of reputation. And, when has that ever been a determining factor for the Blue & White?”

You mean like the Tampa Bay Lightning threatening Dan Boyle with waivers if he didn’t accept a trade, you mean that type of loss of reputation?

“By refusing to conform to the CBA and buy out the remainder of McCabe’s contract before June 30th, GM Cliff Fletcher understood he would have only the P.A. to contend with. This was paramount in his decision to leave McCabe in limbo throughout the summer. Fletcher knew he would face almost no backlash by simply declaring that McCabe was not part of the hockey club’s plans in 2008-09.”

Where does the CBA say you have to buy a player out? Leave McCabe in limbo. Fletcher has told mcCabe since the trade deadline he wanted to move him. I highly doubt that this message ever changed. Cliff never said, I don’t know what I am going to do with McCabe, he chose to not handle this matter in the press. This, may be the worst paragraph Howie has ever written by the way….

“The GM would have encountered much greater resistance had he chosen to respect the tenets of McCabe’s agreement, and such a move would clearly have been more consistent with his career pattern as a general manager.”

Howie, little bit of a legal lesson for ya buddy; Cliff hasn’t broken any contract written, implied or otherwise. There is nothing in the CBA or the standard player agreement that states that a team must play a player and if they chose not to they must buy that player out. When a player holds out, they aren’t following the letter of their agreement, they are trying to use leverage to get what they want. Cliff is doing the same thing. Please don’t talk legal ease when you clearly have no basis upon which to frame a legal argument.

“But, reputation is not a factor in hockey-crazed Toronto, where the Leafs have long operated in a plastic bubble. The club merrily goes about its ways with complete immunity, owing to a fan base that marches along in the manner of blind sheep.”

Once again, bashing the fans that pay your salary is hardly wise Howie, it is so not you. Facts remain, but for the Leaf faithful you would be doing some menial job that you would be qualified for, janitor perhaps?

“It’s outside the city where the Maple Leafs continue to take a hit. Including this summer, it has been 11 years since a front-line NHLer in his prime has chosen to join the hockey club as a free agent [Curtis Joseph in 1998]. That erosion of interest is now evident in the standings, where the Leafs will extend a team record by missing the playoffs next season for a fourth consecutive year. The self-proclaimed “greatest hockey city” on earth is something of a laughingstock in other parts of the league, and the Fletcher-McCabe affair will only heighten that position.”

The biggest laughing stock of this market is it’s deadBeat reporter. Which player is going to sue you this year Howie? Which story are you going to make up? Let’s see, how many years has it been since you have actually had a “scoop” With the exception of the Cujo story, which you did notthing more then reiterate, you did not predict ANY of the recent leaf moves. You are no longer a trusted source, your opinion counts for nothing. You have lowered yourself to a whiny little baby who is no longer tuned in. If the team and the fans are the laughing stock and you are so brilliant, do everyone a favor and move on, go to another hockey market. Lots of guys in your trade do it. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. You won’t because you are full of shit. You don’t believe what you are saying these days, your just bitter because since Wilbur got fired, and started his own show, you no longer have a source at TML.

“If this drought is primarily the result of those that have stood behind the bench [18 of them in 41 years], Wilson has no chance. Given that the majority of Leaf followers grossly overrate the club each summer, heaven knows what it might take for Wilson to be accepted as the leader of this bunch. My sense is there will be more coach griping in the not-too-distant future.”

No Howie, no one, not one single fan is predicting nor hoping for great things this year jackass. All Leaf fans want this year is not get our asses totally handed to us at home like we did countless times last year. We don’t need a team that wins a ton of games this year. We want a team that actually shows respect for the uniform, that isn’t lazy, that isn’t accountable, that is what we want. No one expects Wilson to turn this group into the DRW.

Howie the next time you go on vacation, leave the laptop at home. Then do us all a favor, pull your top lip over your head and swallow. Don’t be a little brat because you didn’t break the McCabe story, and some guy at the National Post did. It’s been no different for you for about the last 11 years or so, the Buds may not have had a free agent STAR sign here, but you haven’t broken a story in that amount of time either. I remain a fan of the leafs for hope, hope that they will get better. Why should i listen or read you?

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