Bryan McCabe, the way a story should be written

Fair and balanced. That is all we want right? Lyle Richardson is not a Leaf fan. So the opportunity to bash the buds on his is always there. However, as in most cases the guy presents the evidence in black and white with little dribble (hello Howie!)…take a look:

“NATIONAL POST: Michael Traikos reports Toronto Maple Leafs GM Cliff Fletcher claims defenseman Bryan McCabe has “softened his stance” on waiving his movement clause and is now waiting for McCabe to provide him with a list of teams he’d accept being dealt to. There’s speculation the Leafs would prevent McCabe from attending training camp to force him into accepting a trade but NHLPA Executive Director Paul Kelly said that would result in legal action against the Leafs. Fletcher denied bullying or threatening McCabe, merely suggesting a change of scenery would benefit both sides. McCabe’s agent also suggested the possibility of his client staying in Toronto.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Ultimately the decision remains with McCabe, and if he decides to stay there’s little the Leafs can do about it. His apparent willingness to submit a list of preferred destinations also doesn’t guarantee he’ll be traded, since those teams might not have interest in him either because of his style of play or his $5.75 million per season contract. Still, this latest news does suggest a change in McCabe’s stance.”

Notice the absence of blood hating crap. Isn’t that a tad bit refreshing? We don’t need our writers to write eloquently (actual sentences would be nice), but spare us the constant negative hyperbole. Hat tip to Spector for a refreshingly unique (and accurate) view on the subject.

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August 11, 2008 10:43 pm

Couldn’t agree more Neal. All I can really say about daBuzz is that it shows how tuned in to the web hockey fans are. Its quite amazing to be honest that a hockey blog can generate that amount of traffic. The league should really take notice and try to capitalize on it (unless of course you believe they are behind it already 😉 )

August 11, 2008 10:24 pm

Agreed as well. I’ve been a consistent reader of Lyle’s website and I find he has reasonable insight into most things related to hockey and never tries to go over the top which we find in most of these other ‘drama queen’ writers (Berger, Cox, Simmons, Eklund even..)

The best thing about Lyle (Spector) is you can ask him anything and he will always respond with an answer. He seems to really care about hockey fans and I know he’s a Habs fan but still rarely bashes the Leafs outright like so many others do. He is always skeptical on many of these supposed ‘solid’ rumours and more times than not his predictions of what might or might not happen are pretty damn close to bang on.

More and more I am growing weary of these posts going up on Hockey Buzz….did anyone else notice that stuff the Ottawa Writer Ken Lee put about all those trades and signings that were ‘confirmed’ but yet every one was complete BS. It was an absolute joke really…if I was a Sens fan reading all that I’d be pee’od for sure.

Adam Bullied
August 11, 2008 3:38 pm

Very true.

I have had membership to for a while now, but used to read Spector’s religiously.

Your calling out of Ek and reminder of how solid Spector’s analysis is ensures I’ll be reading him for the foreseeable future, while keeping an eye on how Ek’s predictions stack up.

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