ESPN Radio ripping Canada’s awesome Olympic Showing

If you are near a web or XM radio, you have to tune to ESPN radio. (

The guy opened his show this am with a full onslaught ripping Canada for not having an medals so far. It was absolutely classic. Perhaps the best rant I have heard on the issue EVER. The worst/ best part is that HE IS 100% right…

My favorite part so far… “TOGO has a medal and they are famous for exporting Coco Puffs….”
“What are they doing up there, polishing the Grey Cup? Or naming another CFL team the Roughriders?”
“Did the plane get lost”

How do you argue when the guy is right. He says that Egypt has a medal, Togo has a medal. It is a joke.

For those of you Canadians who called in and said we don’t care….get a life. Truth is, if we are going to spend money and send a team we should expect results. Getting there is not the goal, winning is. Failing to get 1 medal is unacceptable.

I will try to get some audio clips later (if anyone can help please send them in)

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August 15, 2008 11:59 am

PPP’s right, and I would say this ESPN douche is 100% wrong…

we’ll see how his rant stands up at the END of the olympics when Canada has more medals than Togo and Egypt…

August 15, 2008 10:50 am

The guy sounds like a douche. At the end of the games Canada will end up with many many more medals than Togo. If the rowing finals had gone in the first couple of days we wouldn’t have to listen to ignoramuses like that guy rant and rave about topics on which he is absolutely clueless.

Having said that, those that said that we don’t care is dumb. What they should have said is that obivously the athletes are trying their best, they are disappointed that they are not medalling but they are making huge strides. Aside from the records in the pool (partly down to the suits) some athletes have made huge leaps that bode well for the future. Two gymnasts beat the previous best all-around ranking by finishing 15th and 17th (both guys are young), Keith Beavers moved from 28th in the world in the 200 IM to 7th best, etc etc etc.

It’s a narrow minded view that looks at the medal count as the only sign of progress.

June 17, 2009 9:05 pm

CC is absolutely right. If your calling him a douche, your listening to him. I wonder how many Americans would call David Pratt a douche if they were listening to him, but they’re not.

nuf said

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