Full moon over Hockeybuzz?

Some pretty decent stuff up there today actually.

Andy Strickland’s post on Sundin reflects how I feel about Mats right now, “who cares?”

“For a good while now the hockey world has been put on hold as we “anxiously” wait for Sundin to decide first off if he even wants to play.

I’ll admit I was interested on July first, but when we continued to receive daily updates on what Sundin had for Breakfast the story got old real fast.”


Strickland I think goes a tad off the deep end when he says:

“If Sundin didn’t play most of his career in Toronto would anyone even care?

Why are we supposed to care, because he played in Toronto?

I understand he’s an elite NHL player but besides leading the Maple Leafs in scoring the last several seasons what else has he done?”

Ouch. I think we would care because he is an elite player who could be available if he desides to play again. Sakic is not a comparable because the issue for Joe is play or not play. With Mats’ the where to play is also a factor. We care because he still that good and he could end up in one of at least 6 cities.

Where this is gone nuts is the Toronto media. Strickland needs to realize that, like it or not, Toronto is the Hockey media capital. So when an issue is big and it involves a leaf it takes on a new life.

“Enough is enough, if you don’t know by now whether or not you want to play this season then you might as well retire.”

Sounds to me like you care more then you admit.

“I think it’s safe to say the majority of clubs who have interest are ready to move on and Sundin is beginning to rub some people the wrong way.

NHL teams should tell Sundin that since you’re not sure you want to play we have reduced our offer. Why should an offer in July still be on the table in August?”

I disagree with the first statement and don’t doubt that the second may be the case. The pressure on GM’s is so immense that if a big fish like Sundin is out there you will do anything you can to get him. That is why no GM is ready to move on. Having said that, the offers that are out there may be less then they were on July 1.

“It is amazing how playing in Toronto can give you “God” like status. There may be no better example than this one. ”

Of course the article ends with a swipe. However I can think of a ton of better examples. Take any sub par player that we leaf fans turned into the next coming of Wayne Gretzky. In very few other markets to the fans even know the names of the prospects. When the leafs traded away Brad Boyes to get Owen Nolan, you would have thought Boyes was the greatest player to ever play the game. Same thing when we traded a prospect for Brian Leetch. Don’t you all recall praying to the hockey god Justin Pogge???? There are a lot of examples where a guy doesn’t deserve the attention they get because they are a Bud….Sundin isn’t one of them.

I won’t dissect the article, but Howie’s post about the leafs need an identity isn’t half bad. He isn’t off base. This season isn’t about wins and losses (as I have said a million times) its about laying a foundation. I think that foundation does start with changing the country club atmosphere that was the locker room. I think that is the main reason Cliff dumped the specific guys he did. Losing just became to acceptable. Being a leaf was too easy. So I think Wilson’s goal is to change that.

Additionally, I see the Hockey News predicts the Buds to finish 15th in the east. I can’t remember a time in the past that such a prediction wouldn’t lead to an uproar. I guess the shock is that people aren’t pissed that we aren’t picked to finish dead last overall!

Congrats to our athletes for their 5 medals. Should be interesting to hear the The Herd on ESPN radio on Monday.

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