Has Mats Sundin Finally Made A Decision?

Kudos to kuklaskorner.com for finding this, as my regular trip to the NYpost this am came up empty. Finally there is a, ummmm, credible source reporting on a Mats Sundin rumor. As much as we loathe him, Larry Brooks, when it comes to rumors is much more tuned in then most of the guys we love to hate. Fact of the matter is, when it comes to rumors, he is more often right then wrong. One reason is that unlike Hanky he doesn’t report millions of them. I think he has real credible sources, and he checks them pretty carefully before putting finger to keyboard.

So when we read things like “Free-agent center Mats Sundin has declared his interest in playing for the Rangers New York Rangers this season, well-connected sources have told The Post. ” We shouldn’t dismiss it as quickly as do stories that emerge from plumber’s, boat mechanics that are most likely the realy source of Hanky’s stories. Brooks has written throughout the summer on varying interest from the rangers in Sundin and vise versa.

“J.P. Barry, who represents the elite, 37-year-old former Toronto pivot, has been in constant communication with Rangers front-office personnel this week, The Post has learned, though the conversations have not reached the stage of a contract negotiation.”

This certainly would be interesting to say the least.

” We’re told Sundin, who recorded 78 points (32-46) last season, has no interest in returning to the Maple Leafs, who have offered him a one-year, $7M contract to re-up. Sundin apparently has negligible interest in joining Montreal, which has been chasing him since February, or Vancouver, which has offered a two-year, $20M deal.

Indeed, sources report that No. 13’s second choice is Philadelphia, whose GM, Paul Holmgren, has been aggressive in his pursuit of the first-line center who could swing the balance of power in the East. ”

The swipe isn’t unexpected, Brooks hates Toronto. Who, knows Sundind list could be as Brooks suggests. Damien Cox astutely said this week that in his years of covering Sundin, he has never caught Sundin in a lie, so if Sundin says he hasn’t decided then Cox believes him. To that extent having this secret list would be a surprise….but who knows.

The 2 million dollar number mentioned by Hanky is dismissed by Brooks, and clarified as the current space left under the rangers cap. Indeed, Brooks says they haven’t talked turkey yet. Not sure how that is possible but I digress. Brooks says, as he has in the past that the Rangers will need to work (and they will) to clear space for Sundin.

I for one would love to see Mats go to the big apple. One, it has him in the east and means he will have to play at the ACC. Secondly, I would love to see him play in a market where he will get attention like he has never had before. As bad as we think Cox, Simmons and Berger are, they are NOTHING compared to the big apple. More importantly, we leaf fans are suckers. We have cheered Sundin from the moment he got here. He has never been booed. Just wait till he has an off shift or night at MSG. He will hear it. Something that he hasn’t experienced in a long long long time.

So, on this gorgeous Sunday, when traditionally things have been very quiet, perhaps we are all getting the gift of an end to the Sundin saga. Let’s hope so.

You can read Brooks here

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