Sweedish Hockey Fans Have Sundin Going Ranger Blue

Expressen.se polled their loyal readers as to what will happen with Mats Sundin…

679 people have voted since August 18th.

60.5% have Mats going to the Rangers
3.5% have him going to the Cancuks
2.8% have him going to the Habs
4.4% have him going to the Flyers
11% have him going to the Buds
12.4% have him retiring
5.3% have other

you can visit the site here.

As for Hanky’s post about a potential trade at the deadline with the Rangers. I have heard this many a time, Sundin let the Leafs know that IF, I repeat IF, he were to have waived his NMC he would have only done so in a deal to the Rangers. The issue was never that a deal couldn’t be worked out, it was that Sundin never waived his NMC…

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