All quiet on a Sunday

Anyone else as happy as I am that the Olympics are finally over?
Now that they are, how long before the first athlete tests positive for some illegal substance? Sorry to be the skeptic, but what are the odds that the swimming guru at leats has a false positive???

So how bout them Blue Jays. Up 2-0 so far on this Sunday afternoon. Heard Mike Wilner the other day say that Cito doesn’t deserve all the credit for Adam Lind and even worse that it wasn’t Gibbons fault that Lind wasn’t on the team when Cito took over…Huh??? Explanation please???

Will this be the week that Mats decides to retire or go Ranger Blue or will it be the quietest week of the summer???
Thankfyully its almost time for the National Football League season to kick off…one of my favorite times of year.

Haapy sunday to all and go jays!

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