Hanky rides again, ruining bloggers everywhere

Remember he is only reporting what he hears….so when he writes trash like this:

“A source informed me early this morning that he believes all is set for Mats to become a NYR and that a deal has been worked out regarding players to be moved to open up cap space. Now there looks to be two stumbling blocks.

Mats deciding to play is one of the blocks of course…the other is the NHLPA saying they will extend the contract with the NHL (what appears to be a certainty and looks to be happening around September 15th).

Sept 15th….huh…so I guess the groundhog has indeed seen his shadow and we could be looking at three more weeks of Mats rumours…”

We shouldn’t be surprised when respectable columnists like Kevin Paul Dupont report this:

“Nonetheless, Kelly in October will start his tour of the NHL’s 30 clubs, and the CBA’s termination clause will be front and center in the meetings. All players will be asked to fill out a confidential ballot, whether to strike the deal dead or extend it three more seasons. The final tally will be forwarded to the NHLPA’s executive board.”

So lets do some simple math, if Kelly is going to start his tour in October, and assume he can see 2 teams per day in each of one location, then how can he be done by September 15th? Also, if this isn’t going to happen until at least October 15th (which I highly doubt it will be done that quickly) then can this really be the issue holding up the Sundin decision or Hanky’s claim that “This is also believed to be the hold up with the signings of Selanne and Shanahan.”

The examples of Mr. Hanky just simply spewing crap is everywhere….

how about this gem:

“A source VERY connected to the ongoing discussions around Jay Bouwmeester has just informed me that the Panthers have let it be known that Jay will NOT be moved prior to the season.”

No shit Dick Tracy….everyone with a brain has been saying that since oh, I don’t know EVER!!! Trading JB now makes no sense at all….

That posts comes only hours after Hanky wrote this gem:
“”We are talking anything from it falling apart to Bouwmeester in Toronto,” my source told me.” The it being the McCabe deal to Florida.

Truth be told, he or it keeps saying that it is job to just report what he hears….Here is a novel idea, if in fact you are hearing anything, try and filter out the crap (that means 99.9%) of what you are reporting. Why? Well to start, you bring the entire blogosphere down with you and that is too bad. There are some great bloggers out there who are being tarnished b the junk you write….

Too bad about our Jays….such a fun couple of weeks it has been. It was nice when it lasted and it was so refreshing to be talking about a meaningful game on August 24th, the latest date in recent memory….

Yawn, has Sundin announced his retirement yet????

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