LPGA instituting language requirement, others 2 follow?

Interesting story across the news wires this hour that the LPGA (that’s ladies golf gents) is going to be making proficiency in English a requirement for being on the tour.

Angela Park (whom, to steal a line from Pat Burns, I wouldn’t know if I hit her with my car) is a player who was born in Brazil who is from South Korean descent had this gem:

“A lot of Korean players think they are being targeted, but it’s just because there are so many of them,” Park said.”

The tour claims this policy is aimed at helping non-English speaking player to learn the language so they can converse with sponsors.

Here is my favorite part:

“The policy was endorsed by at least one tournament director, Kate Peters of the LPGA State Farm Classic.

“This is an American tour,” Peters said. “It is important for sponsors to be able to interact with players and have a positive experience.”

WOW- can you imagine that being the policy in either the NHL, MLB, NBA or NFL? That type of attitude won’t go over very well would it.

Kudos to most of the European players who are in the NHL for acclimatizing to life on this side of the pond. However I am sure that that if any major league adopted a similar policy there would be hell to pay.

The story reminds me of the famous encounter between the Edmonton Oilers and then President Gerald Ford. Essa Tikkanen, thinking that President Ford was President of the Ford Motor Company (have you driven a Ford lately?) asked the President when it was his turn to shake his hand “Are there any good cars I should buy?”

TSM- where else can you get LPGA and Essa Tikkanen in the same post????

What a country

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