So despite posting more bullshit about Sundin (“imminent”, “things are definitely moving!”) the status quo remains.

As I have said before Eklund’s sources are Mr. Hanky- the adorable Christmas Poo!

And for the “I am hearing montreal”

“It is difficult to be optimistic because we haven’t had much contact with him. We haven’t gotten the message he’s very interested in becoming a Canadian. We have a place for him on paper and we’ve made him a good offer.”

Yeah Bob Gainey agrees!


We all hate Larry Brooks- Again, he completely blows Hanky out of the water (how do you like that analogy?) with his post today on Scott Gomez:

“The Mats Sundin situation remains status quo, with big No. 13 at home in Sweden agonizing over the decision whether to retire or play an 18th NHL season. Contrary to falsehoods circulating on the Internet, the Rangers have never considered trading Scott Gomez to clear cap space for Sundin. Nor will they.”

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