Joe Bowen on Sundin- Pulled?

Love him or hate him, here is a guy who probably knows the players and the team better then anyone around. So when Joe Bowen throws in an opinion I am going to listen (at least just a little bit)

“My gut feeling is that Mats is going to retire and if he plays at all it might be back in Sweden. I do not have a deadline for this information.”

So, Bowen’s opinion is of high value in of itself, but what way be the most interesting is that it appears that his blog has since been yanked from the Leafs site. Kudos to Kuklas corner for getting a tiny piece of the story….

However ever since it was posted the following error keeps coming up:

“An error occurred while processing your request.
Reference #97.15b75640.1219885529.162da99”

So while it could be a coincidence, I am suspecting it just isn’t the type of thing the Buds wanted on their site….

but who knows.

In any event I take Bowen’s opinion over Hanky’s any day…..

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