Brady Calling Out Hanky

Brady on the leaf lunch on 640 is clearly a fan of TSM- he is calling Eklund a “complete fraud”!

Brady claims to know people who worked for Hanky who have told Greg that Hanky is a complete fraud…what a sruprise.

“This guy on his free agent list- listed Stu Barnes as being coveted by Columbus, Calgary and New Jersey when everyone knew he was going to retire and you should E5 this (clown) that Barnes was going to sign a 2 year deal as an assistant coach”

Hanky Chart
Hanky Chart

I will say it again, Hanky is a fraud. He was good for the game in showing just how much appetite there is for this stuff, problem is there is no substance behind it. Guys like Berger, Pang, Tolensky are losing credibility by being on a site like his…

More to come this afternoon…

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