Hanky’s Sweedish Source Unearthered

Ok Fans…..

I must admit, the latest post on dabuzz threw me for a loop. I gotta tell you that it was without question the worst errr I mean best post ever!

“S> It sure looks that way. And don’t think for a second that rumour isn’t prevalent, because as you know it is. However, you must take Swedes at their word, in that they are usually blatently honest as you know.”

I mean who could make this stuff up ….it has to be legit RIGHT???

“S> Yes, exactly. And I believe it will however we may not know about it. I expect that Mats will be telling the team he wants to play for by Sunday Night, but that team may need to do some things that delays us officially knowing.”

Seriously sports fans, when i read this, I thought it was a friend sending me an email making fun of Hanky….

“He’s a Ranger or a Canadien. about 50/50. And Gomez will be moved. It is already being worked on.”

Wait a minute….that’s not what the chart says!!!!

Hanky Chart
Hanky Chart

You know the worst part of this, the more this clown writes, the more it is making an ass of Sundin. No one takes this guy seriously, but he is making a mockery of the situation…

Anyways… We here at TSM have our men on the ground in Sweeden and we have unearthed THE HANKY Man in Sweden. Hanky is right, he has first rate info as he spends a ton of time with Mats… He is none other then:

Hanky's Swedish Source
Hanky's Swedish Source
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