J.P. Barry holding out for a commission?

The more I read from the agent, the more I am convinced that Mats has made up his mind. Rather the issue is that his agent won’t let him announce it.

“We are going to talk to him later this week just to get an update from him, but right now we are not putting any pressure on him because he has to get that feeling that he wants to play,” Barry said. “But right now, he’s no closer.”

He HAS to get the feeling???? What if he DOESN’T feel like playing anymore?????

On the issue of Sundin waiting it out….

“”It’s possible,” Barry said. “It’s not something that’s preferable even to him. Mats has said in the past it’s not something he is totally comfortable with, but at the same time you can’t say that until you’re in that position yourself. Niedermayer went through this and needed time and perhaps Mats is in the same situation.”

Ummm, wrong….He has been in the situation before. Last year at the deadline. We all know what he said. You have to be part of things from October until the end. So, was that rhetoric, or was it legit????

Barry does realize that the clock is ticking….

“I understand a bunch of these teams are going to start making moves if they don’t hear from him,” Barry said. “Probably by about the end of the month, they are going to start making some Plan Bs and he knows that. He has known that since July 1, really. Any of these teams could have changed their minds at any point in time, there’s nothing in holding them back to do that.”

Reality is the money is irrelevant to Mats (maybe not to Barry). Less then 3 days before his self imposed deadline of a decision before the end of August. Who knows…It’s not looking good for him to keep it.

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