senators trade Andrej Meszaros to the bolts

OTT gets Filip Kuba, Alex Picard, 1st round pick from TAM for Andrej Meszaros.


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    nealio 12 years ago


    Trying to rate this trade for both sides.

    Ottawa obviously had no choice but to move him, clearly neither side was budging. I think Ottawa did ok actually. They get Kuba who will be in there top 4 d-pairings by default (not earned, doubt he is as good as Meszaros long term). Don’t know much about Picard but I believe he originally was traded from Philly? Wonder why he keeps bouncing around…
    As for the 1st round pick, well that’s a bonus.

    And Tampa moves some salary, but takes it back assuming Meszaros signs for more than Kuba. Meszaros IMO has better upside than Kuba but gives up prospect (Picard) and a 1st. And suprisingly no forwards are moved along with?

    Grade the Trade:
    I’d Say Ottawa gets a B+
    Tampa gets a C -.

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    So the team that just finish last overall traded their #1 pick for a defenceman who’s borderline top four?

    They’d better be as good as they think they are.

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    If Ottawa gets Tavares with that pick, I may have shoot myself

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    torontosportsmedia 12 years ago

    I hear ya jared, but the first pick is from San Jose, which means it is pretty unlikely that it will be a lottery pick.

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    Yep, the pick being SJ’s instead of TB’s definitely shifts the deal from “outright win” to “marginal edge”.