Welcome back Jeff Blair…Adios Lance

Sorry, no links, I am on the blackberry this afternoon, watching the kids swim.

Jeff Blair is back from China (by the looks of his most recent post…I wonder how the olympics were???)

Anyways, I really think his latest article is fascinating. You can read it at globesports.com

Here’s the basics:

Ricciardi is acting like a gm with a future in Toronto. Which is strange given the uncertainty surrounding Godfrey and JP himsefl.

Blair claims that JP is telling folks his plans for next season despite no public assurances with respect to his future in Toronto.

Godfrey is apparently telling people for the first time that he hasn’t decided his own future.

So with the Jays season all bit over the offseason should be very interesting.

Sad to see our old pal Lance shown the door…Its never cool when someone loses their job.

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