happy bryan McCabe day

Happy sunday to all you TSM fans. The car is packed, aunt Edna is dead in the back, starbucks in hand and we are off to Wallyworld (in this case great wolf lodge)

Hope everyone enjoys the start of the end of McCabes last few hours as a maple leaf.

Simmons has a good post today on sundin and brooks thinks shanny is going to look elsewhere….

Mats who?

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August 31, 2008 12:24 pm

I feel somewhat sorry for McCabe, but in a different way. Certainly not because he’s still going to make millions of dollars no matter what happens after Monday or Tuesday. But because he’s another example of a big pay-cheque gone horribly wrong. When he played hardball what 3 summers ago and all of Leafs nation was in a panic in fear that he wouldn’t re-sign, then finally he signed and everyone was relieved. At that time he was arguably our best defencemen who could do no wrong. A menace on the blueline with his infamous ‘can-opener’ along with those classic ass-first checks into the boards. He had one of the most wicked shots feared by goalies & players alike. Jerseys were sold by the truckload with #24 McCabe proudly on the back (myself included).

And now fast forward 3 short years. The guy couldn’t buy a fan if he tried, he’s been hung out to dry for every single mistake he’s ever made. Too expensive to keep, to mistake prone to put out on the ice. Fletcher would likely trade him for a bag of pucks just to be rid of him and his contract.

It amazes me how fast things can change in the world of sports. How fast fans can turn on those they once praised. Big payday contracts truly can turn into a nightmare for both the player and the team and here is a great example.

Oh well, Welcome to Leafs Nation!! 🙂

22 days and counting till Pre-Season boys!

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