Hell freezes over…oh and Mrs TSM gets a ticket

Walking to the car to reload the parking meter and 2 things occured:

1. I read Eklunds post this am about Sundin, and I think he is bang on. While I could do without the soruces bit… I do believe his conclusions are accurate. Mats doesn’t want this to be a circus, he will deal with the issue head on when he is here and the leafs want to move on. I think he comes to toronto announces he is done either as a leaf or entirely. There is a tearful announcement and that is that…

The other thing I learned is that Mrs. TSM put the parking ticket face down in the car when we parked on Cliff street and she now owes the City of Niagara $20. Good thing I walked to the car to reload the meter???


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    c orduroy 12 years ago

    what? you paying hanky a compliment? that jack-ass flip flops and puts out every scenario involving sundin! the hell with him!
    and btw… you need a spellchecker. youre nearly as bad as hanky.