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Fletcher has McCabe all sorted out

Got a chance to listen to Cliff on the Watter's show. I have to say, it is a pleasure listening to the silver fox as compared to either JFJ or JPR. [...]

Bryan McCabe, the way a story should be written

Fair and balanced. That is all we want right? Lyle Richardson is not a Leaf fan. So the opportunity to bash the buds on his spectorshockey.com is a [...]

Maple Leafs GM, an example on why Ek lacks credibility

Compare if you will: "August 5, 2008, 3:16 PM ET According to a source Matthew Barnaby may be announced soon as the replacement for Barry Melrose at [...]

Which is more boring Berger or Sundin

Seriously, I am not sure which is getting less interesting, the whole Sundin affair, or Howard Berger's blogs. It's seems more and more apparent that [...]

Movement from the McCabe camp

Well, it was only a matter of time, but word is out tonight that Bryan McCabe is providing the buds with a list of teams he would be willing to go to. [...]
Snidley Whiplash on Brian Burke

Snidley Whiplash on Brian Burke

Oh how I miss my youth. Waking up on Saturday mornings to watch the classic cartoons, and of course reading the Sunday Sun. What did these two have [...]

Crazy eights and a medal for Mike Wilner

A hearty good morning to all, happy Olympic opening ceremony day, a day where Torontonians are left thinking what could have been. From my perspectiv [...]

Look out TO, Cito and a Killer on the loose

JP has announced that Cito will definitely be back for the 2009 season (unless of course its a lie right) also the Buds have hired Doug Gilmour as an [...]

J.P. Ricciardi needs media training immediately

J.P. was on his weekly call in radio show last night with Mike Wilner and he let this beauty escape his lips: "we are 7.5 back, we are playing our be [...]

Some random summer musings

Quite days of August indeed. As I said to a colleague yesterday, I have not watched 5 minutes of non -sports tv this summer. From an entertainment p [...]

Did Howard Berger drink too much in Sonoma?

Just how hungry is this guy for a story. Clearly he has been spending too much time on the road, and the effects of no home cooking is effecting his [...]

The Detroit model, easier on paper then in reality

Just got back from a quick trip to Detroit. In reading the two local dailies it was hard to get beyond the scandal that is the mayoral situation ther [...]

Mats Sundin Soft Deadline Day Arrives

Festivus used to be my favorite holiday of the year, from this day forth, August 1st should be renamed Soft Deadline Day. I am in Detroit (Hockeytown [...]
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