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Did Cliff Try To Deal Leaf’s 09 Pick?

I haven't seen the source, but Damien Cox wrote this in his blog this am: "Then comes a published report this morning that suggests the Leafs were wi [...]

Schenn realizes a dream early

I can't speak for Luke Schenn. Hell, I am pulling a Mitch Albom, I am writing about a game I wasn't at, even worse I didn't see it or highlights of i [...]

Wilson Gives Them Hell

No surprise right? Wrong, the them isn't the players, it's the media: "“It was an exhibition game – it didn't bother me at all,” Wilson said Sunday. [...]

J.P. Ricciardi Isn’t A Liar, Because HE Knows The Truth

It's an old story I know.... "It's not a lie, If I know the truth" I would love to say that the quote belonged to some great philosopher, but no it [...]

Double Post- Amazing Michigan Game

Sorry for the double post. Was trying to write from my BB and I wasn't sure it went through. Took my son to the Michigan Football game. Have to tel [...]

Hockey looses a legend

There is but one Hockey movie worth talking about, just one, Slapshot. Paul Newman made lots of movies, won awards for other roles, he will always be [...]

Greetings from Detroit

Back here again. Quick post before heading off for the night. Drove the entire 4 hours listening to XM radio. One channel, uninterrupted the entire [...]

Paging Dr. Maurice…..Dr. Maurice to the OR

"Every time I get fired, I like to take a few courses,” Maurice told ESPN.com on Friday." Paul Maurice on how he is keeping busy these days- taking c [...]

Brady Speaks and Cox is Cox

Guess I got a little carried away last night. I mean, it's bad enough when I have to suffer through 1 hour of Grey's anatomy let alone two! Happy to [...]

Watters and Brady on Yzerman, What a Joke

Let me make this perfectly clear, there is no one player who I have more respect for then Steve Yzerman. I lived in Detroit before the Wings went on [...]

Godfrey: J.P. Ricciardi Will Return

Update: OK. This is the best quote I have seen in years: "I know this will be received with mixed emotions, not only in the media but by the fans a [...]

The New HNIC Theme and What Would You do?

Here is it folks the new TSN version of the hockey night in Canada theme song, which friends (that I still have) can attest was the song in which Mrs. [...]

2 Games in to a preason schedule and I am already laughing

Remember 2 nights ago, when i said that the exhibition game was fun but it didn't mean anything? Tonight's game is no different. It isn't a sign of [...]

Maple Leafs’ Locker Room, What Was Going On?

Sometimes we learn more about a subject by what isn't said. With every passing day, we are gaining insight into what was broken in the home team's dr [...]

Don’t look now, NHLPA preparing for war

Buried in the Business section of The Star (like anyone who reads the star actually looks at the business section) is a story that should cause NHL fa [...]

Perspective from Leafs first win

The ACC was rocking tonight. I know it was a pre-season game, I know it means nothing, but man what an atmosphere. From the walk in where people wer [...]

Maple Leafs Home Opener: TSM will be there

Despite season premieres of CSI Miami (right Horatio is dead....) and Boston Legal (last one for Denny Crane :( ) and of course another thriller of P [...]

Sunday am thoughts

Opening day of my hockey season, my daughter clearly was excited as she roamed the halls at 630 this morning. Quote of the day come from Steve Simmon [...]
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