Dreiger takes over Leaf’s Lunch….

Happy back to school day folks. So much going on:

Darren Dreiger takes over Leaf’s Lunch- Here is hoping he removes Willy full time. I am a Dregier fan, I think he is well connected and knows his stuff- he crosses the line when he is on with willy, but it is easy to pile on when the big guy is around…

No such luck, his first guest was Willy…too bad, so sad… I guess Dreiger is the Host and wilbur is the armchair quarterback.

TSM is listening in….

as of 12:04pm, trade call has been delayed for some reason, so no trade so far.. They think its a technicality.

Wilbur (who knows so much, just ask him) says that teams are offering Sundin deals that start now and deals that start later in the season.

Dreiger says that he has talked to Sundin’s agents and that they don’t know what is going on , they think this week is huge but that they want Sundin to take his time (hello commissions).

Wilbur doesn’t think there is going to be a big announcement from Sundin this week.

Sundin is apparently on the ice somewhere in a shootout, and is going to be on leafs lunch with Wilbur and Dreiger.

Details as they come…

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