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When it comes to sports sections in this area, few people think of the National Post as a major player. However, an article in today’s paper is BANG on, 100 % accurate with respect to the McCabe trade. It is the first level headed analysis of the deal I have seen:

“It was a great deal for Toronto no matter who or what was coming back, and no matter what the talking heads were saying last night on radio and TV panels across your dial.”

Huh??? Who are you? Do you really write for a Toronto paper?

“Look, Leafs fans, if the Rest Of The Country can tell you anything about the team you love – and the team we are forced far too often to watch – it is this:

Any trade that relieves your organization of one of those overpaid players with a no-movement clause in his contract is a good trade. Any such transaction that does not include the name Tomas Kaberle is a great trade for Toronto.”

Amen! I believe!!

“One of the oldest clichés in the game applies here – the one about how you are never supposed to critique a win. And this is a big win for Cliff Fletcher, who is quietly plodding along in his cleanup role, untying many of the knots that John Ferguson Jr., hamstrung this organization with during his damaging term as the Maple Leafs general manager.”

Exactly. That is what Cliff said he was going to do and that is what he has done. Hmmmm, state a plan and follow it…how rare….

“Van Ryn is younger, cheaper, and signed for a year less. Anyone who sees a hole in this deal from a Leafs’ perspective simply can not be looking at it from the mandate that Fletcher has in Toronto.”

Tomorrow we will see all kinds of crap about how dumb this is, how valuable McCabe was, how bad a signing McCabe was etc. The Muskoka five are almost gone. He chose to keep Kubina and Sundin is off playing poker with

“This deal embodies every wrong decision that Fletcher has been hired to clean up, while he keeps the Leafs GM job warm for Brian Burke”

I am not so sure on the Burke part, but Cliff said he wanted to prevent the next GM from having 6 months of junk to go through, and that is what he has accomplished. For next years UFA season he will have lots of room and even more for the year after.

“And the least surprised about any of this? New head coach Ron Wilson, who put his cards on the table at his introductory news conference when he admitted that the Maple Leafs were going to have to go a bit further south before they could turn the ship north again.

That is something you won’t hear a new coach say very often, but it is worth applauding Wilson for coming to Toronto and calling a spade a spade. Wilson can do that because his years in San Jose gave him a distant vantage point in judging the Maple Leafs.”

Another reason why the Wilson hiring was a good one. He isn’t going to play vets to make a run to make the playoffs. He knows they aren’t supposed to be good this year; his job is to lay a foundation.

What a brilliant piece by Spector. I am impressed. You can read the whole story here.

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